focus on

landscape shots, timelapse, cinematic drone flights, specifically colorgrading

used hardware

sony α system camera, drone by dji, stabilization by dji, video recordings by apple iphone

personal motivation

steady progress to create awesome pictures & films

My name is Erik Otto. I’m a photographer, video creator & musician from Leipzig, Germany. Passion for creativity, photo & video productions.

With my photos and videos I want to create a spectacular cinematic look. I’m passionate about colorgrading and capture the specificly mood. So I have create the brand „Erik Otto“ that my creations can be shown to the public (social media channels & website).

I’m also interested in music production & creation of digital artworks.

I can also see myself using my knowledge of photographic/videographic and cinematic look to create some small business promotions/commercials.

In addition, I have a strong partner who can also be used for commercials if required.

…for contact you can use my contact form as well.

So take a look on my page & social media channels.